Quickly Learn Key Facts about LASIK.

Start with "Basic LASIK in 3 Minutes"

To quickly learn the essentials of laser vision correction, start with our Basic LASIK in 3 Minutes section, where you'll discover the three essential questions to ask your surgeon in order to make sure you receive the safest, most-effective laser treatment at the right price. Afterwards, check out our video section to see the procedure of your choice, along with expert commentary.

For More Detailed Information

If you would like to know all the details about corrective eye surgery, we recommend The Lasik MD Website, where you can review the medical issues that your doctor needs to consider prior to approving you for laser eye surgery, compare recovery time and results for commonly performed procedures, learn the right way to choose a surgeon, and discover the secrets of LASIK pricing that the discount centers don't want you to know. Furthermore, Lasik MD has a worldwide directory of surgeons from whom you can request the following information online:

  • A price quotation
  • An information packet
  • Assistance scheduling an appointment

Another good LASIK eye surgery resource is Allaboutvision.com's laser vision correction section. Here, you'll find a free online lasik evaluation and lots of information written by indivdual surgeons that covers hot topics such as the benefits of custom laser treatments and blade vs. bladeless LASIK plus an extensive LASIK FAQ section.

Finally, for unbiased information, the FDA LASIK Site is outstanding. It contains detailed information on LASIK that focuses on LASIK risks and choosing the right surgeon. It also offers a LASIK checklist and comprehensive information on the laser systems that are FDA-approved for corrective eye surgery, such as the VISX Star S4 IR, Alcon Wavelight Allegretto, Bausch and Lomb Zyoptix and NIDEK EC-5000.

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