LASIK Eye Surgery Video and Procedure Description

The above video shows a LASIK procedure. The first step is to place a silver ring over the white part of the eye. The ring contains a connection to a suction device and when suction is turned on, the ring is held firmly to the eye. During this phase, the vision dims and a pressure sensation is felt. It is during this time that the microkeratome device is attached to the suction ring, whereby it travels across the surface of the eye to create the flap. The surgeon then lifts the flap, performs the laser treatment and smooths the flap back into position.

The fact that the flap was lifted by a microkeratome defines this procedure as LASIK. Because the treatment was placed underneath a flap, recovery is likely to be very quick, with most patients comfortable and seeing clearly by the next morning.

It is important to understand that the term LASIK is defined by a microkeratome made flap, not whether the treatment coming out of the laser is a conventional or custom. In order to specify the laser treatment used with LASIK, the procedure is often labeled as "conventional LASIK" or "custom LASIK".

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